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How can we best support you?


As your full-service event planner, we will take care of everything. Whether you want to be hands-off, don’t have the time, or are looking for more creativity and support, hiring a planner is your best option. We will oversee your event from start to finish. However, this does not mean you won’t be involved. As your planner we will still work closely with you to make sure we capture your vision and event goals.


As your event coordinator, we will guide you through the planning process and assist you with executing everything that has been planned for your event. This option is best if you are a good planner, have the time to plan, are creative, and enjoy getting into the details. We will still help find you the best value for the services and items you need for your event with our network of trusted vendors. We also provide a great set of eyes to help you review your details, timeline and contracts. As your event nears, we will step in to make sure everything runs smoothly for the day of.


ALL the planning and coordinating have been completed and all you need is a day-of manager to execute everything from start to finish including set-up, tear-down, and vendor management - this is where we come in!


Top 4 Benefits to Hiring an Event Planner

What is the difference between an Event Coordinator and an Event Planner?

Inclusive Event Services

Mission SSBS LLC is dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients by bringing together the perfect mixture of creativity, strategy and our own talents to support and boost your event. Our dynamic list of services allows us to procure a customized, ideal package just for you.

SSBS LLC prides itself on tailoring each event package to each client’s needs. While each package is customized, here are services that are generally included:



Creative event planning
Event budgeting
Step-by-step planning guide & timelines
Recommendations on preferred vendors
Decoration & design consulting
Vendor management
Private shared drive to organize documents
One day-of assistant (minimum with most events)

Venue visits
Mileage to/from event venue
Guest care baskets
Custom floor plan(s)
Raw footage (unedited) photos take by the SSBS team
SSBS’s event emergency kit
Plus, a bonus gift for the client!

* Ask about additional details for weddings & fundraisers

Diversity & Talent SSBS LLC prides itself in offering agency-level services and leveraging agency-level resources. The SSBS LLC team is comprised of professionals from all backgrounds allowing us to align and assemble in accordance with the client’s needs and priorities.

Continued Investment By nature of SSBS LLC business focus, each event is planned with a foundation in mind. SSBS LLC is creating a network with our allies and trusted, Preferred Partners.

Clear Communication SSBS LLC will be working with you independently and directly for the duration of your event with us. Event client is given a direct person of contact to communicate directly with giving you the ease of knowing who you can reach directly at any time.

General Event Information


Relevant Packages: All packages are tailored and customized for each customer's needs. Pricing is dependent on the event scope, desired outcome, location(s), venue amenities and guest count. Rush fees may be applied for events that have less than six (6) months of planning to go. Additional costs may be necessary for events that are in need of graphic design work, event marketing strategies, and marketing and/or social media management. For additional package or pricing information please complete this Request for Quote form or Contact us.

Consistent, coast-to-coast pricing: We are the #yourfavoritepartyplanner. There are no added premiums for an event located outside of the administrative EG cities. Prices are standard and consistent anywhere across the continental United States, coast-to-coast. Custom pricing for Alaska, Hawaii and international events.


Planning timelines will vary per project and event. However, less planning time does not mean that there is less to do for your event. It only means there is less time to do it all for your event. SSBS LLC customizes a planning timeline, based on your event lead time and your desired outcomes for your event. We always recommend working with your event planner or coordinator sooner than later. This will allow for proper planning time which will bring better quality to your event, eliminate any rush fees, allow for proper marketing, but most importantly eliminate unneeded stress!


Keeping in mind that fundraising or revenue-generating profits can vary, SSBS LLC is compensated based on what your organization raises.


SSBS LLC is always looking to enhance your experience and make your event event more memorable. Inquire about any special or bonuses we are currently offering with your event package!


What’s the rule of thumb for tips for my vendors?

Event Menu

Corporate Events
Company Parties
Networking Events
Holiday Parties
Event Marketing
Feature Speakers
Client Appreciation
VIP Client Meetings

Fundraising Events
Revenue-Generating Events



Decoration Rentals
RSVP Management
Seating Charts
Guest Accommodation Management

Floral & Non-Floral Centerpieces
Welcome Gifts
Thank You Gifts



starting at $75/hour
inclusive packages available
monthly retainer options available

Organization or Event Marketing Strategy
Organization or Event Branding
Audience Identification + Development
Website Road Mapping
Content Strategy + Creation (blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts)
Social Media Management
Email Communications
Sales Enablement & Business Development
Benchmarking, Measurement + Program Optimization

Strategy Packages: Review existing analytics, competitive analysis, audience research, identify marketing opportunities; Deliverables: tactical playbook, benchmarking plan, communication outreach avenues. Marketing execution is not included.

Execution Packages: Marketing materials created (e.g. website copy, social media, email). Includes best practices for marketing and communication outreach. Formal marketing strategy not included.

Strategy + Execution Package: Bundle, valuate & save! Includes deliverables and services listed in Strategy and Execution Packages listed above, at a reduced rate.


starting at $65/hour
inclusive packages for events available

Logo Creation
Social Media Images
Invitations & Stationary
Digital Event Graphics (graphics for websites, social media, etc.)

Inclusive Event Package: Including but not limited to printed invitation, digital invitation, digital images for website, social media + event registration, posters, and programs. Deliverables are digital and ready for print. Physical print of materials not included.


pricing varies
services available in select areas

Visual Aid Photography (for marketing & branding)
Video Invitations
Promotional Videos & Mini Commercials
Video Presentations (for at the event)

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