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Meet the Team 

This professional, outgoing team is dedicated to empowering our youth and promoting a culture of Honesty, Openness, Perseverance, and Excellence through Change!

community outreach

The nonprofit organization,  SimplySue Corporation, is purposed with mentoring youth and young adults to support a culture of community building and empowerment through innovation and creativity.




SimplySue Corporation started in a small town in southern VA, named after my late grandmother, Mattie Sue Tisdale Eason and is a non-profit organization geared to  educate African-American children aged 12-18. What initially began as a neighborhood babysitter charging $7 a day to keep children, paved the way for the next and upcoming generations of female CEOs.  Mattie Sue was never afraid of hard work and passed that character trait down to our brand designer and owner, Sharee. Through Mattie Sue, we were taught that Honesty, Openness, Perseverance, and Excellence is all possible through change. 

Sharee has taken the fundamentals and guidance from her muse and incorporated that into a long-lasting, relevant brand. A brand that will inspire, teach, and positively impact not only the black culture, but American culture as a whole.

The youth of SimplySue Corporation have been gifted with SimplySue Party Rentals. A local equipment party rental company covering an extensive area in Virginia stretching from South Hill to Petersburg and the 25 miles east and west. 

We give thanks, we express gratitude, and we hope that you continue to watch us grow.

Percentages of all sales are donated to our non-profit organization, the SimplySue Corporation.  Promoting a culture of H.O.P.E. through change!

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