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Some would say it's a strength. But the inability to do so could be viewed as a weakness. Why should you have to wait? What about taking your #destiny into your own hands"? I pray for strength to get me through the things that I cannot control while manipulating my own path. #changeiscoming

As I sit in limbo with a big brain full of ideas, I must remember that #planning is key part to #execution. "Separate yourself if it's too crowded, fools rush in. You should smoke first and just think about it, good strategy. That's the difference between a heist and a tragedy" - Curren$y #scanners #jetlife

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Write the vision and make it clear. #shopsimplysue


Shift your mindset, to understand new difficulties. Stop taking things personal. It's never about you, even if it happened to you. #shopsimplysue


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